Paula Denyer

In this post we look at a serial killer that terrorised the women of the Frankston area of Victoria, Australia in the 90s. Paul Denyer took the lives of three women and attempted to murder another before capture in 1993. Here’s the rollercoaster case of “The Frankston Serial Killer” aka Paul Charles Denyer.

Paula Denyer was born Paul Charles Denyer on 14th April 1972, she was raised in an outer suburb of Sydney called Campbelltown, the third of six children including five boys and a girl. Denyer’s parents Anthony and Maureen Denyer were British immigrants that moved to Australia in 1965, as an infant Denyer rolled off a bench and hit her head, this became a joke while growing up where the family would say “it’s because you fell on your head as baby” in retort to Denyer doing something out of the ordinary or “stupid”. In her childhood she had initially had trouble mixing while in kindergarten but grew out of it being described at this time as becoming a “normal child” just like everyone else her age. In 1981 things changed drastically for Denyer when her family relocated to Victoria so that her father could take a better job. None of the Denyer children approved of the move, but gradually they settled in school, all except Denyer, in her new school Northvale Primary she was seen as a loner with difficulty making friends, many teachers observed a lack of motivation and self-confidence. It was also around this time that she started to gain weight and was described as a “big lump of a lad” being much taller and heavier than her classmates. Denyer’s interests changed to things that were more violent for boy of that age, developing a fascination with collecting knives, clubs and home-made slingshot guns that fired pebbles or ball bearings.

The violent behaviours then started to present themselves, she would regularly slash and dissect her younger sister’s teddy bears with home-made knives, by age 10 she had stabbed the family kitten and hung it from a tree in the backyard, her enjoyment of animal cruelty continued into her adulthood as in her last place of employment before arrest she reportedly slaughtered and dismembered two goats in a paddock next door.

Just before she turned 13 Denyer was charged for the first time for stealing a car, she was released with a warning, she got into further trouble in her early teens when she was charged with various things such as making a false report to the fire brigade, theft, willful damage and assault relating to an incident where she assaulted a fellow student.

Denyer had various jobs after leaving school having difficulty holding down a employment. In 1992 she began working in a Safeway’s supermarket, while here she began a relationship with a woman named Sharon Johnson who also worked at the supermarket, this job however came to an end when Denyer was accused of deliberately tried to knock down a woman and a child with a row of shopping carts. After this Denyer applied to join the Victoria police force, but was rejected when she failed the physical exam due to her large stature, Denyer then went on to work in the final job she would have prior to arrest which was a marine workshop, where she reportedly spent more time making home-made knives and daggers than doing her job.

In 1992 Denyer also moved into a flat on Dandenong Road, Frankston with Johnson, as Denyer was unemployed Johnson worked two jobs to keep up the rent of the place, giving Denyer plenty of time to begin terrorising and stalking their female neighbours. Sinister incidents started occurring where one neighbour came home to find her flat had been broken into and her clothes and engagement photos had been slashed, another caught glimpses of someone peeping through her windows several times, but things escalated further in 1993 when Denyer and Johnson became friends with their neighbour Tricia and her sister Donna Vanes.

Donna Vanes lived in the nearby block of flats on Claude Street, Seaford with her fiancé Les and their baby, for weeks Vanes had received a series of disturbing prank calls that left her fearful of being alone in her flat. One evening in February 1993 Vanes returned to her flat at 11pm after accompanying Les on a late shift to deliver pizzas and saw the flat had been broken into and her furniture, walls and some baby clothes had been slashed, there was female pornographic imagery found on top of Vanes’ cat that Denyer had also killed, the cat had its throat slashed and been disembowelled with it’s entrails scattered from living room to the kitchen, in its blood Denyer wrote two messages making the intention clear “Donna, you’re dead” and “Dead Don”.

Message that Denyer left for Vanes in her apartment
Elizabeth Stevens

Denyer escalated to murder on 11th June 1993, when she murdered 18-year-old Elizabeth Stevens, Stevens had come from Tasmania to Melbourne in the January of 1993 to study at TAFE Frankston. While conducting her studies she lived with her aunt and uncle in Paterson Avenue, Langwarrin. On the day of the murder Stevens left a note for her aunt and uncle to say she was going to the college library and it was also confirmed that’s she had made plans with her sister for the following day through a phone call at a local payphone, witnesses saw her that day visit a take away bar and on the college campus at around 7pm it is then believed she took a bus home, but never made it. Her aunt and uncle grew concerned when she had not returned by 8pm and informed the police, there was severe rain that day and made it difficult to search effectively, by 10pm her uncle decided to search for her with no luck he returned and by 1am the search was halted as the weather got worse. Elizabeth Steven’s body was discovered in Lloyd Park near her home early the following morning when the storms had eased, she was found facing up with a small branch laid across her, she had been strangled and a criss-cross pattern had been carved into her chest, upon investigation it showed that Steven’s had not been sexually assaulted and the clothes on her lower body looked like they had not been disturbed while her shirt had been opened exposing her chest and the wound, she did show defence wounds but none of the wounds were caused by a sharp object, with the wounds on her chest confirming that that the knife was used on her post mortem, as well as minor injuries present that suggest that she was dragged to where she was murdered and did not go willingly. In the same area a sports bag was found dumped and its contents included schoolbooks with Elizabeth Steven’s name on, confirming the identity of their victim. With the heavy rain possibly removing any forensic evidence from the scene such as blood or bodily fluids the police relied heavily on public appeals for the investigation, including displaying a mannequin showing what Elizabeth Stevens was wearing on the day she was murdered.

Mannequin used in public appeal showing Elizabeth Steven’s clothes on the day she disappeared

Just shy of a month from the first murder Denyer attempted to strike again, on 8th July 1993 41-year-old Rosza Toth walked along the Railway Parade on her way home and took notice of a man loitering near a toilet block as she walked past at round 5:50pm, shortly after she passed a loitering Denyer she was attacked, Denyer told her that she had a gun and dragged her into a nature reserve nearby, she fought Denyer, biting her fingers to the bone in order to escape, she eventually fought Denyer off and ran, she hailed a passing car and Denyer fled, Toth managed to escape with minor injuries and torn clothes. The police were contacted in relation to this incident and were at the scene of the attack within minutes to find that the attacker, Denyer had fled the area.

Debbie Fream

Not content with a failed attempt Denyer stuck again that same day, 22-year-old Deborah Fream lived in the Seaford area near Kananook Station, she stepped out of her home to get some milk for her 12-day-old son Jake, she left him with a friend and got into her car, that when Denyer struck and abducted her, when she did not return by 8pm her friend grew concerned and called her boyfriend and the local hospital to locate her before reporting her missing at Frankston Police Station. Four days later on 12th July 1993 Fream’s body was discovered in a paddock near Carrum Downs by a farmer, she had been stabbed in the neck, head, chest and arms 24 times, like Stevens she had been strangled and she had not been sexually assaulted. With the attack on Toth and the murder of Fream in such close proximity the police were now linking these two incidents with the murder of Elizabeth Stevens and realising that there was now a serial killer active in the Frankston area.

The media ran with the story of “The Frankston serial killer” and caused many women in the area stay indoors, many described it as a “ghost town” with the streets empty much earlier, it even went as far as affecting the price of property in the area as it became known as “Frankston, where the serial killer slashing women is”. Despite the media interest, the police’s desperation to make the people of Frankston feel safe again Denyer managed to strike one last time. On 30th July 1993 she took her last victim when she murdered 17-year-old Natalie Russell as she walked home from John Paul College, she had taken a short cut that she regularly used leading to a fenced walkway called Frankston North (later renamed Nat’s Track in Russell’s memory). Russell’s body was found 8 hours later beside a bike track that ran between the Peninsula and The Long Island Golf clubs. Russell had been stabbed repeatedly on the face and neck and her throat had been cut, like the other victims she had not been sexually assaulted, but Russell’s murder was much more brutal than the others and it was clear that Russell had put up a fight against Denyer, eventually leading to her capture. The police uncovered a large hole had been cut into the fence of the walkway showing where Natalie Russell had been dragged off the path. Through Russell fighting back Denyer left behind a crucial piece of evidence, a piece of skin, possibly from her finger had been found on Russell’s neck, DNA showed that the skin did not belong to Natalie Russell so it must belong to her killer, it was speculated by forensics that Denyer must have cut himself in the struggle of attacking Russell and a slither of flesh had attached itself onto Russell’s skin by dried blood.

As well as the forensic break, police got lucky with a sighting of vehicle in the area of Russell’s murder around 3pm when examiners estimated she may have died, at the time a postal worker spotted a yellow Toyota Corona on a road near the track, in the car was a man “acting suspiciously” slumped in the driver’s seat as if lowering himself to not be seen and using binoculars, the postal worker also saw the man watch Natalie Russell as she entered the fenced path, he was so unnerved by this that he went to a nearby house to phone the police, the responding officer took the car registration off its label because Denyer’s car also didn’t have plates. Once back at the station the registration was fed into the computer and it revealed that the same vehicle was also mentioned as being sighted in the area when Fream was murdered.

Denyer’s Yellow Toyota

They found that the vehicle was registered to Paul Charles Denyer, two detectives Mich Hughes and Charlie Bezzina called at her address at 186 Frankston-Dandenong Road at 3:40pm on 31st July 1993, Denyer was not at the property so the police left a note asking her to contact them when she arrived home. Denyer’s girlfriend called the police at 5:15pm that day, the police told her it was just a routine inquiry where they were interviewing everyone in the district so they wouldn’t scare Denyer away, after they got that call a team of detectives headed to the block of flats to wait for Denyer. When Denyer arrived home she cheerily let the officers in while passing comment on how many officers were present for a “routine inquiry” Denyer explained that her car did not have plates, but she had a permit to drive the vehicle for 28 days while she made the repairs.

When she went down to the station Denyer explained her whereabouts when asked about the murders, detectives noticed the wound on her finger showing a missing bit of flesh almost a perfect fit for the piece left on Natalie Russell, Denyer admitted being in the vicinity of the murders at the time the police believed they took place, but denied any knowledge of the murders except for what was in the media at the time, offering weak excuses for being near the scenes with one being that the car had broken down near the place where Natalie Russell was murdered and that she was picking her girlfriend up from the train station in another incident, when asked about the scratches she claimed that she had injured herself working under the bonnet of the car, saying her hands got caught in the fan while working on the head gasket.

Denyer continued to claim innocence throughout the video-taped interview that went on into the early hours of the following morning, when the police asked for a sample of hair and blood from Denyer and told her that she would be matched to anything that may have been left on the victims by the killer she began to crack. Denyer started to ask the detectives questions about the DNA process asking how long it would take and whether they had anything to compare her sample to. Denyer sat in the interrogation room and thought for a bit before confessing to Detective Darren O’Loughlin “Okay, I killed all three of them”.

Denyer’s full confession began at 4am on 1st August 1993, she spoke of Elizabeth Stevens, Debbie Fream and Natalie Russell as well as the attempt on Rosza Toth. She started by talking about Elizabeth Stevens and how on 11th June 1993 she saw Stevens getting off a bus on Cranbourne Road to walk home, she said she was waiting, not for Stevens in particular just for anyone and that Stevens just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She described how she grabbed Stevens from behind and held her at “gun point” clarifying that the gun was a piece of aluminium pipe and marched her to Lloyd Park in the statement it read: “I walked in a bit of bushland beside the main track in Lloyd Park. Sat there, you know, stood in the bushes for a while just – I can’t remember, just standing there I suppose. I held the ‘gun’ to the back of her neck, walked across the track over toward the other small sandhill or something. And to the other side of that hill, she asked me if she could, you know – go to the toilet, so to speak, So I respected her privacy. I turned around and everything while she did it and everything. When she finished, we just walked down towards where the goal posts are, and we turned right and headed toward the area where she was found. I got to that area there and I started choking her with my hands and she passed out after a while. You know, the oxygen gets cut off to her head and she just stopped. And then I pulled out the knife and stabbed her many times in the throat. And she was still alive and then she stood up and walked around and all that, just walking around a few steps, and then I threw her on the ground and stuck my foot over her neck to finish her off”. Detectives were shocked by Denyer’s emotionless, flippant manner that she was speaking about the murders, they described it at times as almost condescending as if Denyer enjoyed the control of the situation, the fact she knew things that the detectives didn’t. She continued to describe Steven’s murder in a matter-of-fact manner she demonstrated how she pushed her thumb into Steven’s throat and strangled her, she demonstrated stabbing and slashing motions to show how she slashed her throat, she eventually went as far as to act for the video cameras how Steven’s body was shuddering and shaking as she died. Then said how she had dragged the body to the drain and left it, she said a home-made knife she has used broke during the attack causing it to break off the handle, she said how she left the blade piece at the side of the road a few yards from the scene. The detectives then asked why she had killed Elizabeth Stevens she replied: “Just wanted to kill. Just wanted to take a life because I felt my life had been taken many times”.

Denyer followed by recounting the events of 8th July 1993 speaking first of the attempt on Rosza Toth, she recalled how she approached Toth from behind after seeing her walking near Seaford Station, , Denyer held her hand over Toth’s mouth and held a fake gun to her head with the other hand, she recalled how Toth resisted so strongly that she bit Denyer’s finger to the bone, she described the struggle further explaining how Toth escaped her grasp and ran out into the middle of the road, Denyer chased her as no passing cars stopped to help her, when caught Denyer screamed at her “Shut up, or I’ll blow your fucking head off” she complied, but once again escaped and managed to flag a car down causing Denyer to flee. Detectives asked Denyer what the intention was with Toth and she simply replied “I was gonna drag her in the park and kill her, that’s all” while confessing that as well as pretending that she had a gun she had a homemade knife that had a razor sharp aluminium blade in her sock.

One of Denyer’s home-made blade.

Denyer continued to explain that after the failed attempt she boarded a train headed to Frankston, she got off the train at Kannanook and crossed the rail overpass bridge in search of a another victim, it is then she saw Debbie Fream getting out of her car and go into the milk bar (Australian term for corner store) on the corner of the street, she said that while Fream was in the milk bar she climbed into the back seat of the Grey Nissan Pulsar and crouched down, Fream got into the car and started to drive away Denyer said: “I waited for her to start up the car so no one would hear her scream or anything, she put the car into gear and she went to do a U-turn. I startled her just as she was doing that turn and she kept going into the wall of the milk bar, which caused a dent in the bonnet. I told her to, you know, shut up or I’ll blow her head off and all that shit”.  She again mentioned the use of the fake gun to intimidate Fream, detectives then asked Denyer if she had noticed something about the back seat, she mentioned how there was a baby capsule (Australian term for car seat) on the back seat, showing how Denyer was fully aware that she was about to murder a mother with a young baby and didn’t feel hesitation. Fream was told which direction to drive with Denyer threatening her she said “I told her when we got there that if she gave any signals to anyone, I’d blow her head off, I’d decorate the car with her brains”. They got to the secluded area where Denyer knew they wouldn’t be seen, once stopped she pulled a piece of cord from her pocket saying: “I popped it over her eyes real quickly, so she didn’t see it, ‘cause I was gonna strangle her. But I didn’t want her to see the cord first. I lifted the cord up and I said “can you see this?” and she put her hand up to grab it to feel it and when she did that I just yanked on it real quickly around her neck. And then I was struggling with her for about five minutes” she said that she continued to strangle Freeam until she was passed out, then started to stab her with one of the homemade knives in the neck and on her chest,  once she had gone limp at her feet, Denyer continued to stab her in the neck and chest and then once to the stomach. She once again described the death to detectives saying “she started breathing out of her neck, just like Elizabeth Stevens, I could just hear bubbling noises” they then asked if Fream had put up any resistance, Denyer confirmed that she did and that her white jumper was pulled off during the struggle. They then asked about the stabbing in the chest and throat and Denyer said that she lifted Fream’s shirt to “see how big her boobs were” and that once she saw her exposed stomach she “just lunged at it with a knife”. Once she had disposed of Fream’s body Denyer called Johnson at work and picked her up that evening back at Kananook railway station.

Denyer revealed that she returned to the scene of her second murder the following morning, she went back to Fream’s car and collected her purse with $20 in, the cartons of milk she had bought for her baby, eggs, chocolate and a packet of cigarettes all things purchased from the store where she was taken. She once again admitted there was no reason behind the murder other than she “just wanted to”.

The confession continued into the next day 2nd August 1993, they asked about Natalie Russell’s murder, it was in this part of the confession that detectives learnt the true extent of Denyer’s murderous urges, it was revealed that she had planned this murder in advance, she admitted that she intended to abduct a young woman as she walked along that bike track, she went to the extent of cutting three holes into the wire fence that ran between the bike track and the reserve, the holes had been cut big enough for her to get herself and her victim through the fence. She started to stalk and wait for a victim at around 2:30 that afternoon, she had a plan to follow her victim on foot and as they approached one of the holes in the fence she would strike and drag her through to the reserve, she had a home-made knife and a leather strap in her possession ready to use on her victim. Denyer watched for around 20 minutes before spotting Russell, she said “I stuck about 10 yards behind her until I got to the second hole and just when I got to that hole, I quickly walked up behind her and stuck my left hand around her mouth and held the knife to her throat and that’s where that cut happened, I cut that on my own blade”. She once again described the struggle that ensued during the abduction and said that Russell only calmed down when Denyer threatened to cut her throat, she then offered Denyer sex in exchange for her life to which she said she was disgusted by saying “she said “you can have all my money and have sex with me” and thing, just said disgusting things like that really” on the tape Denyer can be seen shaking her head in disapproval as she was interpreting Russell offering anything to save herself as her having “loose morals”. Angered by this at the time of the murder Denyer then forced the girl on to her knees in front of her and held the knife closely to her eye, she made Russell lie on the ground and knelt over her while holding her throat and the blade over her eye, as she struggled Denyer cut her across the face, she did briefly overpower Denyer and stand up and scream. After Denyer got her to quieten down by telling her to “shut up” and threatening to kill her if she refused to comply, at this point in the confession the detectives learnt the gruesome details of Natalie Russell’s murder as Denyer continued to describe Russell’s pleading and questioning of what it was that Denyer wanted, she went on to describe the murder and how when she attempted to strangle Russell she broke the strap she had brought in half, Russell then took the opportunity to struggle free once again, this time however Denyer grabbed her and pushed her head back and cut her throat, it got much worse as she reveal “I cut a small cut first and then she was bleeding. And then I stuck my fingers into her throat and grabbed her cords and twisted them”.

Detectives were shocked by the horrific details of the crime and Denyer’s ease or even enjoyment in talking about what she did, they asked Denyer why she did what she did to Russell’s throat and she simply replied “to stop her from breathing and the she slowly stopped. She sort of started to faint and then when she was weak, a bit weaker, I grabbed the opportunity of throwing her head back and one big large cut which sort of cut almost her whole head off. And then she slowly died” they then asked why she decided to kill Russell and she once again replied that she just wanted to, explaining, “just everything came back through my mind again. I kicked her before I left” she clarified that she kicked the body to make sure that Russell was dead and then slashed her down the side of her face with the knife before leaving her, as she walked back to her car with her hands in her pockets to hide the blood on them and saw that two uniformed officers were taking registration details off her car due to the report of a male sat in a vehicle with binoculars watching a young woman, she quickly turned around and walked home another way. She went home and washed her clothes and hid the blade she had used in her backyard, then picked up her girlfriend from work.

After confessing to the murders Denyer then started to talk about the stalking and the break-ins, she described the day she broke in to Vanes’ apartment and how she had the sole purpose of “cutting Donna’s throat” because she simply “didn’t like her”, when she arrived and saw that Vanes was not home she was angered by this and described how she vented this anger on the cats.

Given Denyer’s response to Russell offering sex and the fact that none of the victims had been sexually assaulted the detectives asked “Can you explain why we have women victims?”, Denyer’s answer was a quick and simple one saying: “I just hate ‘em” when asked to specify whether it was these women she had targeted she hated or if it was women in general she replied “General”. The only woman she would speak about with any affection was Sharon Johnson, who had no knowledge of Denyer’s murderous activities. She described her to detectives as “not like that” going on to say “she’s not like anyone else I know. I’d never hurt her, she’s a kindred spirit”.

After the detailed confession Paul Charles Denyer was charged with three counts of murder for Elizabeth Stevens, Debbie Fream and Natalie Russell and a charge of attempted murder for the attack on Rosza Toth, this later reduced to abduction. The trial opened on 15th December 1993 in the Supreme Court of Victoria, before Justice Frank Vincent, Denyer pleaded guilty to all charges.

Clinical psychologist Ian Joblin was appointed to examine Denyer ahead of court. Mr Joblin told the court that Denyer did not show remorse for her crimes and seemed to enjoy re-telling the events of the murders, getting pleasure from it. Denyer blamed a number of things at the time as the reasons for murdering and attacking women including her hard upbringing, alleged sexual abuse by her older brother and her inability to hold down a job. Mr Joblin however that these excuses were not enough as many people in that area were in similar situations and did not resort to serial murder, he went on to tell the court that Denyer’s psychology made her quite rare as she was a killer who murdered at random without motive, he spoke of her childhood and the aggression exhibited then and how from acting on this aggression she would display a clear amusement by the suffering and violence she had inflicted on her victims. He finished by summing up that Denyer was a sadist who’s pleasure and satisfaction after each murder would quickly dissipate causing her to need to kill again in order to recreate the feeling and that there was no known or effective treatment for this personality disorder.

Denyer arriving in court (identifying as Paul at the time)

Justice Vincent sentenced Paul Charles Denyer to three terms of life imprisonment with no fixed non-parole period, meaning that Denyer, “The Frankston Serial Killer” would spend the rest of her life in prison without the possibly of parole, he then sentenced Denyer to a further 8 years for the abduction of Rosza Toth. He closed with the statement “the apprehension you have caused to thousands of women in the community will be felt for a long time. For many you are the fear that quickens their step as they walk home or causes a parent to look anxiously at the clock when a child is late”.

On 29th July 1994, Denyer appealed to the Supreme Court of Victoria against the severity of her sentence, she was heard and granted a 30-year non-parole period, making her eligible to apply in 2023. The sentence Denyer was given is one of the highest non-parole periods ever imposed in Victoria with the other sentence being given to a triple murderer Ashley Coulston.

Initially Denyer was sent to HM Prison Barwon but is now currently housed at Port Philip Prison. While in prison her transition from Paul Denyer began, on 9th January 2004 after 10 years behind bars she was the subject of a report on an Australian news show The 7:30 report titled “Murderer’s sex change request sparks rights debate” in the segment they talked of Denyer’s defiance with prison orders by wearing banned cosmetic products and hand-sewn bras as male inmates are not allowed to wear women’s clothes. Denyer fought this by filing to have her name changed legally to Paula and then filing for information on her eligibility as a prisoner for gender reassignment surgery, both of these where rejected by the prison board and medical specialists, this was a decision that was criticized by the transgender community.

In September 2004 further news broke that Denyer had sent letters to her estranged brother David whom she had accused of abusing her during her childhood, at the time the letter was sent her brother and sister-in-law were living in the UK, the letter dated 19th August had been sent to David’s place of work. It came to light that David and his family fled Australia after persistent death threats from Denyer, with David’s wife recalling how Denyer once threatened hers and her children’s life while one of them was in her arms at a week-old. Despite their fear of Denyer in the letter she assured them that they had “nothing to be concerned about” and that she had “a few things to say” she went on to apologize to David for the false claims of sexual abuse writing “I’m sorry about allowing lies to be said about you David, I have looked over my life and do not agree that once believed abuse form you contributed to my actions” David who maintained that the claims were false the entire time said in relief “for a long time it caused a lot of personal pain, a lot of hardship in our family”.

The Herald Sun released a further 14 letters that Denyer had written in 2003 and 2004, they were titled “The Paul Denyer Letters” in the letters she spoke of her feelings of gender dysphoria. The first letter dated 29th November 2003 this is the year Denyer began identifying ad female openly, in this letter she claimed her issues with gender identity were what actually led her to commit her crimes, she further elaborated on this in “Letter 6” dated 4th February 2004 in it she wrote: “I have committed these disgusting crimes…not because I ever hated womankind, but because I never really felt that I was male”.

In July 2012 Denyer was in the news again, this time she was accused of four rapes within the prison that happened over a six-week period, The four victims were intellectually disabled and “easy targets” with how easily influenced they were and how they were considered “bad witnesses” when it came to giving evidence. Denyer was questioned for four hours by police refusing to face them when the allegations were outlined to her, she then said she was happy to speak to police, but wished she’d spoken to them weeks before. No charges were filed due to lack of evidence and the difficulty to get witnesses in prison, but Denyer has since been moved to another unit in Port Phillip Prison where she is held “for her own protection”.

Denyer’s enjoyment of suffering and violence was clearly present throughout her childhood as mentioned in court and it shows that possibly Denyer’s personality disorder was going to present itself in some sort of way where Denyer would hurt someone. As she got older and went through puberty as a male her feelings toward her gender would have started to present themselves as her body changed. Denyer would have started to feel angry about how she felt reading it as “wrong” or “disgusting” this would have led her to be lash out at women with various attacks such as “peeping” through the windows of female neighbours to the break-ins then murder. Denyer said she committed these crimes because she simply “didn’t like women” but in reality her dislike of women was out of jealousy and anger about her own issues by killing these women she felt she was killing the “female part” of herself.

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  1. This article needs to be updated as Paul Denyer no longer considers himself to be female, nor does he wish to transition, and he went back to calling himself Paul some time ago.

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  2. The author of this piece needs to go back and consider what they wrote. I respect people’s wishes but this man does not deserve to be recognised as a woman after murdering them. He will always remain a he in my books.

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    1. Firstly I would like to apologise for my delay in reply I noticed this comment was posted three weeks ago, I normally use the mobile version of WordPress and for some reason I was not notified about your comment until I used the desktop version. I appreciate your opinion and respect your point of view, I once again want to state that it is NOT done as a mark of respect I just feel looking at Denyer’s psychology and behaviours while committing these awful crimes indicate that the gender dysphoria was a big influence on the way Denyer committed these crimes in ways such as choice of victim or why these crimes were committed. You mentioned in your comment that you have written a book on Denyer? I’d love to check it out if you could send me a link to it? I’m always up for updating and tweaking my posts so another perspective would be really interesting.


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